Put a buyer and seller together and you can be pretty sure that they’ll quite efficiently set a viable market price for goods of mutual interest.

They’ll come back tomorrow to do the same thing.

Improve their access to current, credible, and accurate information, and then open the situation up to other stakeholders, and an efficient, productive, and highly collaborative market will surely develop.

But constrain the available information, introduce uncertainty to any deal-making party, ask any money-holding professional to guess about what comes next or how much it might cost, and the market will surely evaporate, resulting in lost revenues and constrained opportunities for growth.

So the Canadian Resource Recovery Council is sponsoring the Waste Exchange.

This project seeks to assess the viability of creating a platform that treats waste as a commodity – a material with inherent and unrealized value – thereby encouraging the gathering, coordination, collation, dissemination, and sharing  of industry data.

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