About us

The Council seeks to promote the
most sustainable means of treating pre-disposal waste.

Council Principles

The CRRC represents a diverse array of organizations with an interest in resource recovery, but the members all share a commitment to a few simple principles.

Social Sustainability

Resource recovery solutions should operate within the context of local circumstances and goals, serving as one pillar within a robust and integrated waste management and energy system that preserves community sustainability, thus ensuring local support for the
overall system.

Environmental Sustainability

Resource recovery applications must seek to reduce the overall environmental burden by complementing, not competing with, recycling and diversion programs, and otherwise applying the latest technology to minimize the generation of waste management emissions. Members of the CRRC believe that modern, state-of-the-art resource recovery processes are safely managed, beyond all environmental standards.

Economic Sustainability

Resource recovery technologies should be implemented with an appropriate mix of management options, finding a balance between costs and benefits most advantageous and acceptable to host communities. Members of the CRRC believe that resource recovery serves as a complimentary technology in an integrated waste system, when properly sited with electricity, heat, and steam customers, resource recovery in the form of EFW can be economically viable and competitive with any other form of solid waste management.

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